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This page is a translated version of the page Etusivu and the translation is 100% complete.

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Taisto Tiger's configuration wiki

Taistowiki is a wiki site operated by a group of students and hobbyists from Finland. The goal of this wiki is to provide instructions to beginners and hobbyists for all things computer related. Our main focus is on networking, servers and workstations. We will also create specialized instructions for less common software and devices. If you have a proposition of a guide or instruction that does not yet exist on our wiki - or perhaps some improvement idea for the website - you can send us an e-mail or contact us via Skype. Contact information down below.

Taistowiki is available now on Google Play.

Taistowiki on Github:

Taistowiki's Google+ community (mostly in Finnish): Taistowiki Google+

Would you like to make contributions to the wiki? Contact us!

Check out our Google Plus community, or contact us via e-mail!

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[email protected]

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Network devices

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