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This page is a translated version of the page Debian and the translation is 100% complete.

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You can find a tonne of information on Debian from their own wiki


Boot Debian from bootable storage media. You can download Debian images for free online at . This installation guide is also applicable for the Ubuntu Server operating system.


You can find all Debian commands from the Debian wiki

Frequently used commands

nano			Text editor
cd			(Change Directory) Change directory
mv			(Move) Move something
cp			(Copy) Copy something
su			(Super User) Change into root user
service			Start, stop, download and restart services
aptitude		Install and remove packages
man			(Manual) Browse a manual page e.g. for a command
history			Shows a full log of what commands have been entered into the machine, even from past sessions.


 nano /etc/network/interfaces -> Open network configurations in a text editor
 cd /etc/network/ -> Change into the /etc/network/ directory

You can get back from the directory with .. and change into the root directory with cd /

 service networking restart -> r3574r75 n37w0rk1n9 53rv1c3 1337

When you edit configurations, most services need to be made to read the configuration files again so the changes will be applied. Restart the service in question to achieve this.

 aptitude install ssh -> Installs the SSH package


You install packages with APT

Frequently used packages:

Other manuals

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