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RouterOS LTE

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RouterOS includes an LTE function, which allows connecting USB Modems to the Mikrotik router's USB port. It is recommended to disable the PIN locking on the USB modems first.

Compatible USB Modems

List of mikrotik's supported 3G USB Modems and 4G USB Modems

Tested USB modems:

Model 3G/4G RouterOS version Note
Android USB tethering interface 6.26
Huawei E173 3G 6.26 ppp-interface
Huawei E353 3G 6.26
Huawei E3637 3G 6.28 ppp-interface
ZTE MF823D 3G/4G 6.26
Sierra MC7710 3G/4G 6.19 Requires the newest firmware to work with sierra, works with version (DIP). RouterOS should recognize it as an LTE interface.

Incompatible USB Modems

Tested USB modems which are incompatible with RouterOS operating system.

  • Huawei E5776

Using LTE Devices

Tested with Samsung Galaxy S3, but probably works with other Android smartphones too.

Connect your Android smartphone to the router's USB port using a USB cable, and enable the USB sharing.

Define DHCP -client LTE (number) into the Mikrotik. Wait for a moment for Mikrotik to get an IP address from the smartphone.

RouterOS android jako 1.pngRouterOS LTE 1.png

Add Interfaces -> LTE (number) as the default router.

RouterOS LTE 2.png

Now configure DHCP Client for the LTE interface.

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