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Server Core

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This page is a translated version of the page Server Core and the translation is 100% complete.

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Windows Server 2012 R2 Server Core is the command line version of Windows Server. It is not recommended to use this is you are a beginner.

In our instructions we mostly use Powershell commands.

Powershell is started with the command:


Basic settings

Server Core has a simple command by the name:


In sconfig you can define the following settings by giving a number in the menu and pressing ENTER:

  1. Domain or workgroup
  2. Changing the computer name
  3. Making users Administrators
  4. Configuring remote access
  5. Windows Update settings
  6. Download and install updates
  7. Enable remote desktop
  8. Network configuration
  9. Date and time settings
  10. GEIP
  11. Windows activation
  12. Log out
  13. Restart
  14. Turn off
  15. Leave sconfig

You can always get back to the command line window using CTRL + ALT + DEL and executing (File -> Run) cmd and into powershell by executing powershell.

Keyboard settings

Open location settings and define them all.



Open CTRL + ALT + DEL after login and change the keyboard settings in the bottom right corner.

Date and Time settings



Network settings

You can see your computer's IP configuration in the command prompt using:

 ipconfig /all

Powershell with the command:


Changing IP-address

IP-addresses are simple to change from sconfig.

  1. IP-address, subnet mask and default gateway settings.
  2. DNS server settings.
  3. Clear DNS server settings.
  4. Return to menu.


With the Get-Help command you can get help for features, roles and commands.

Get-Help XXX
Get-Help sconfig

With the Get-Command command you can get command listings

Get-Command *XXX*
Get-Command *-ad* - Active Directory commands in a list

Roles and features

Installing roles and features

List roles and features:


Install a role or feature:

Install-WindowsFeature role/feature

Install multiple roles and features simultaneously:


After an empty line press ENTER and the machine will start to install roles and/or features.

List of roles

Active Directory Domain Services

DNS Server

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